Be Creative with Tie Dyeing

So often we wrack our brains to bring out the creative side of our loved ones who have dementia. You’ll want to do something that is relatively quick and easy.  Yet you’ll want the end-product to look fantastic.  Have I got a project for you…tie dyeing.

A few weeks ago, an artist friend of mine, Sue Reiter, talked about holding classes for tie dyeing.  I purchased a 100% cotton sweat shirt and went to her home where she holds these classes.  I’m not very artistic but was willing to try. 

First you decide upon the colors you’d like on your shirt.  I chose blue and green.  Then you wrap your white cotton shirt in rubber bands as directed by Sue.  You put on gloves and dip various parts of your shirt in the vats of dye of your choice. When you’ve finished you put the shirt in a plastic bag and take it home. After 24 hours you take the shirt out of the bag, take off the rubber bands and put the shirt in the washer (alone without any other clothes) and then dryer.  Wait another day and re-wash the shirt, put it in the dryer, and you’re done.  Under Sue’s directions, the shirts look great.  You and your loved ones can’t make a mistake.  The project is a success no matter what colors you use.  I wear mine often.

What I like about the project is that the messy part is done at Sue’s home.  They are set up for it.  You take it home, follow her directions for completion and you have a product you and your loved one can wear with pride. 

The participants of Memory Café will be doing this project as a group on March 4th.  You and your loved one with dementia are welcome to join us.

Memory Café is a place where family caregivers and their loved ones with beginning to intermediate stages of dementia can come together to learn, laugh, cry and meet others in a similar circumstance.  On March 4th we’ll meet at 1:00 PM at St. Mark United Methodist Church on Quincy Road in the parking lot opposite the church.  We’ll then ride together over to Sue Reiter’s home.  For more information on this trip and also coming activities for Memory Cafe call Bonnie at 864-916-9204.