Our Partnership

Loving Health Care has a partnership with the client and his/her family, and the client’s primary doctor.  First, each client is given a needs assessment to analyze the level of care needed.  Then the client’s care plan is devised with input from the client, the family caregiver, our staff and the client’s doctor.  It is tailored to fulfill each client’s individualized needs.  It is reviewed every 90 days by all of our partners to make sure the quality of service and care is current and of the highest level.  The care plan includes the following categories:



              Personal Care              

              Physical Health Care Assistance             

              Mental Exercise and Spiritual Activities             

              Homemaking and Light housekeeping.


The ingredients that enable the Caregiving Partnership to work smoothly and efficiently are mutual responsibility, mutual accountability and mutual communication between Loving Health Care, the Client and Family, and the Client’s Primary Physician.