Category: Abusive Behavior

Elder Abuse

I hate when an elderly person is abused, especially by his or her own family member(s).  I’ve seen greedy adult children wanting their remaining parent to die so they can inherit the money rather than giving them loving and healthful care. Recently, a man in his 90s had a brain aneurysm.  Although he lives alone, […]

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Do No Harm

I just heard a story that greatly alarmed me.  A man has been taking care of his wife, who has been suffering and declining with Alzheimer’s disease for 6 years.  She wanders and if not watched constantly will get out of the house and meander o roam, she is fine until she feels lost and […]

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Dealing With Abusive Behavior

Abuse is a topic that unfortunately I know too much about from personal experience.  As a young child I was harshly abused.  I did not know God because my family did not attend services.  I was too young to have any real friends to whom I could turn.  I just had to manage and survive.  […]

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