New Year’s Resolutions for Rest and Relaxation

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is holidays.gifBy this time in my life I’ve made several resolutions.  Some I’ve kept for a few months.  Others lasted longer.  These resolutions were made in the years that my life was rather even; No real problems.  The resolutions ranged to giving up cigarettes to being kinder or more compassionate.

Have you ever noticed that when you’re caregiving for an older loved one with a serious health problem such as some form of dementia, New Year’s Resolutions are the last thing you’re thinking about?  Instead your focus is on survival. Maybe this is the time you really need to make a resolution—to give yourself rest and relaxation.   If you and your loved one live at home, you’ll find that 24/7 care for long periods of time (such as years) is exhausting.  There are many solutions and ways you can get respite for yourself and your loved one.

Respite for you and your loved one – An example of a free solutions is the Golden Corner Respite Care that meets every Thursday for 3 hours.  You drop your loved one of at the Episcopalian Church of Ascension (214 Northampton Rd, Seneca, SC 29672) at 1:00 and pick him or her up at 4:00. For more information call Cathy at (864) 973-7590

Memory Café – This is a free program offered at Saint Mark United Methodist church, where you and your loved one can have fun together. During our trips or programs, you’ll find caregivers and patients laughing, holding hands, making new friends with others who have similar problem.  Field trips include a boat ride, tie dying, visiting a farm or a zoo and many more sites.  In February we’re going to Kilwins Chocolates, a company in Greenville where we’ll see them making chocolate, get some ice cream and buy any candies that strike your fancy.  All programs are free.  For more information call Bonnie at 864-016-9204.

Support – There are several local support groups that include free care and activities for your loved one in a separate room.  These are especially good for gaining a perspective of your caregiving situation by asking questions and listening to others who have similar problems. For more information call Eunice at 864-882-8940.

Educational – There are several free educational programs given through the Greenville Hospital System.  Call Eunice (864-882-8940) for more information.  Clemson University sponsors the REACH PROGRAM.  Call Dr. Dye for more information on when and where they are given (864-656-4442). The Alzheimer’s Association sponsors several of their own educational programs and offer free caregiving for your loved one while you are attending an event.  Call Sam for more information 864-224-3045

For a slight fee you might investigate the Senior Solution Day Care Program.  Call Debra at 864-885-1000

In-Home Non-Medical Care – If you are financially able, In-Home Non-Medical care companies offer care at your convenience, for as many hours and days that you wish, right in your own home.  You will want to make sure the company offers reliable care and has good compassionate caregivers. There are several that are available.  My company, Loving Health Care, Inc. is local – not widespread throughout the US.  It is in Seneca, SC.   We service people in both Oconee and Pickens Counties. You can always talk to the owner directly and get any situation planned and/or resolved to your satisfaction. For more information call Bonnie at 864-916-9204.