Invite Bonnie To Speak At Your Club Or Association Meeting

bonnie-holmes-seminarsBonnie, President of Loving Health Care, Inc. is a professional speaker.  She’d be happy to speak at your next event.  Her current generic health care topics include:

Aging With Vitality – Studies have been made world wide to find where people live the longest and the healthiest.  Studies have found 5 areas and have labeled them “blue zones”.  Find out what scientist have found and  how you can extend your life in a healthy manner, and perhaps live to be 100 or more.

Making Your Plans for Aging In Place – Surveys express that approximately 90% of people over 65 years of age would like to remain in their present home and age successfully.  Yet less than 25% achieve this successfully.  Learn about the ingredients that enable you to reliably age in place.

Senior Moment or Dementia – As we age we all forget.  We walk into a room and forget why, or can’t remember a person’s name. This seminar distinguishes begin what is normal aging and what could be signs of dementia.  At the conclusion, participants help solve a crime.  A fun course you don’t want to miss.


Give Bonnie suggestions for other health care topics of interest and she’ll prepare a presentation just for you and your group.