Invite Bonnie To Speak At Your Club Or Association Meeting

bonnie-holmes-seminarsBonnie, President of Loving Health Care, Inc. is a professional speaker.  She’d be happy to speak at your next event.  Her current generic health care topics include:

Aging With Vitality – Studies have been made world wide to find where people live the longest and the healthiest.  Studies have found 5 areas and have labeled them “blue zones”.  Find out what scientist have found and  how you can extend your life in a healthy manner, and perhaps live to be 100 or more.

Making Your Plans for Aging In Place – Surveys express that approximately 90% of people over 65 years of age would like to remain in their present home and age successfully.  Yet less than 25% achieve this successfully.  Learn about the ingredients that enable you to reliably age in place.

Senior Moment or Dementia – As we age we all forget.  We walk into a room and forget why, or can’t remember a person’s name. This seminar distinguishes begin what is normal aging and what could be signs of dementia.  At the conclusion, participants help solve a crime.  A fun course you don’t want to miss.

Be Prepared For Care GivingNo one is prepared to take care of a spouse or parent who has become seriously ill. If a disease lasts for a length of time, such as dementia, the job becomes particularly difficult.  This seminar will help you be prepared.  It will cover techniques to take care of the patient and the caregiver.  You will learn to understand what your loved one is experiencing and what he or she needs.  Most important you will learn what you need to be efficient, to enjoy a life of your own, and to come through the experience thanking God that you were privileged to be a family caregiver.

Give Bonnie suggestions for other health care topics of interest and she’ll prepare a presentation just for you and your group.