The Family Caregiver

Special Programs for Special People

Caregiving is an act of love.  You put so much of yourself in caring for your loved one.  In the process you lose socializing with your friends and the activities you once enjoyed.  Somehow that is not recognized.  When family and friends call, they mainly ask about the patient.  If you are too proud to discuss your problems, rarely does the caller offer support or aid.  I was a family caregiver for my mother, then father and finally my best friend and experienced the joy of caregiving as well as the loneliness and fatigue.

This is a good time to form a support team from your family, friends and perhaps professionals.  Getting respite and taking care of yourself allows you to be a much better caregiver.  Friends and family are glad to help if they help in a way that makes them feel comfortable.

In some instances, you may also need to hire professional care.  I did.  I was still working each time I took care of my family member and best friend. 

If you hire a trustworthy agency, they offer expertise that you and your support team may not have.  

For instance, Loving Health Care present professional caregivers who are responsible and well trained in caring for your loved one.  As well as personal care and light housekeeping, their care includes physical exercise, mental stimulation, plus the preparation of healthy meals.  New to our offering is a wellness program for family caregivers.  At least once a month I spend time with the family caregiver listening to concerns, tensions, or anxieties. When appropriate I make suggestions to solve or ease the problems at hand.  I come bearing the gift of a homemade casserole or soup for the family to eat and enjoy.

Loving Health Care also offers a “Share a Caregiver” Program where your professional caregiving cost is drastically reduced.  If, for example you and your neighbor or friend both have a loved one with any form of dementia, a caregiver will take care of both patients at the same time and at one house.  Not only does this lower your cost of professional caregiving, it also enables your loved one to enjoy more socialization.

Caregiving is an act of love and a 24/7 commitment.  Loving Health Care recognizes this and goes the extra mile to make sure your professional caregiving experience is of the highest quality.