The Silver Lining

The Corona Virus has robbed us of social contact and for many has put us into financial difficulties.  It is so easy to get depressed over the situation.  However, do pity parties ever help?  Instead let’s see if we can find some silver linings.

When I am driving or taking walks with my dog, I see parents playing and enjoying their quality time with their children.  When I text or phone my friends and church family, I hear lots of news about their families. 

When I go into a grocery store, I see people buying foods that can be put into stews or soups and on the whole buying less expensive necessities as opposed to whims.  Because many businesses are closed and because of financial difficulties, people are spending less and making do with what they have.  They begin to get joy out of simple pleasures such as gardening and enjoying nature springing up all around them.  So often when we travel to less advantaged countries, we see children playing with things found in nature or homemade. They seem to be enjoying life as much or even more than our children and adults with more expensive toys.

We are a one of the wealthiest nations.  Have we become so spoiled that we overlook simple joys provided by nature, living less expensively, and putting our emphasis on helping others rather satisfying our every whim?

On top of the Virus, we also experienced a tornado that caused havoc in our community.  It displaced some and caused a large expense to others losing possessions they may never regain.  What happened?  Our community and neighboring communities came to help clean up the mess.  Some of our corporations donated funds.  Verbal support came as far away as Africa. 

The support, outreach, love and encouragement are miraculous.  People taking the time to care about others.  Perhaps, out of our recent tragedies we may gain a new vision of what community and family life should and could be.  Working together, having time to raise our children and helping our elderly family members with enriching activities and quality time could change our vision.  Enjoying simple pleasures.   Is it really all about the superficiality of what money can buy or is there a more important vision that would help us in the present and add to the enrichment of our children and grandchildren?  Perhaps this is the silver lining of our present tragedies.