Turning Lemons into Lemonade

A very major transition in life would be your loved one’s health deteriorating to a point that he or she needs to be cared for, mostly by you.  Instead of socializing and having fun together, you are now thrown into a care giving role.  Are you prepared?  Perhaps not. Your whole life changes from one of happily socializing to one of isolation.  We are lucky in Oconee County to have many types of support groups for listening, guidance, and respite. 

However, we have been thrown a curve ball to make isolation a temporary way of life…the Corona Virus.  To prevent the virus spreading to you, isolation, social distancing, masks, and gloves when you must be in public.  All face-to-face support groups and medical counseling have been suspended.  What should you do to stay healthy and survive this period for you and your loved one? The list consists of get plenty of rest and sleep; engage in hobbies, crafts, or other fun activities; exercise; eat nutritiously; socialize with family and friends; and pamper yourself.

Getting Plenty of rest and sleep – This is obvious and perhaps easier during our mandated Coronavirus isolation.

Engage in Hobbies, Crafts or Other Fun Activities – Spending a lot of time in front of a TV can provide some form of entertainment, however, not the best entertainment.   Engaging you and your loved one in crafts, puzzles and games that hold both of your interest, keep your minds active and mood positive.

Exercise – You may or may not have exercise equipment at home. However, walks in your neighborhood are great.  Today the sun came out.  I grabbed my dog and got in a good half hour walk.  It felt great!

Good Nutrition – Having to stay at home leads to over-eating and snacking.  When I want to snack, I first take a large glass of water.  If I’m still hungry I favor fruits.  I also believe in eating plenty of fruits and vegetables at mealtime, portioning food on a small plate.  Usually if I’m hungry for sweets, it’s because I’m tired.

Socializing – Even when you’re isolated, it’s important to socialize.  I make good use of texting, Facebook, emailing, etc. to keep in touch with family and friends.

Pamper Yourself – When I was a family caregiver, I found I needed to get out of the house to have private time. Realizing this, I have made sure that Loving Health Care follows all the CDC rules to keep you and your loved one safe and protected from the Corona Virus.  People who have called for help for at least four hours a week notice the improvement in their mood and spirits. Even during social distancing, a nice walk or shopping does wonders. We’re here to help you.